Quimby Leadership is an elective class that is primarily for 8th graders for the first semester and are accompanied by Lobo Leaders (another elective class of potential 7th grade leaders) to run school events. During the second semester, Lobo Leaders are absorbed into Leadership class to train up the 7th graders for the next school year. Therefore, there's a seamless continuity of a leadership body on our school campus.

Associated Student Body (ASB) are also an integral part of our Quimby Leadership. It is comprised of elected 8th grade students as Quimby's president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.

The main goal for Leadership is to create an inclusive, warm, and positive school climate. To achieve this goal, they implement many school activities such as spirit rallies, noontime activities, fundraisers, special event days, dances, morning announcements, after school sports spectatorship, and so much more!