Course Descriptions

7th Grade Math (CCSS 7 and CCSS 7/8): Problem-Based Math 7

Students will take a Problem Based Learning (PrBL) approach to develop conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and math problem solving skills in applicable, real-life situations. Students will spend a lot of class time investigating situations that rely on using proportions and probability to reach conclusions but students will also explore the use of integers and fractions in realistic scenarios they may encounter outside of the classroom. Students who demonstrate the ability and readiness for further, more in depth investigation in mathematics will have the opportunity to do so. These students will be in a challenging environment where they will be able to apply advanced concepts requiring a complex thought process and increased independence.

7th Grade Science: Discovery Science

Discovery Science explores the world through just that: discovery. Students will inquire and observe the world around them to spark their natural curiosity, then design and implement experiments to test their theories. They will be challenged with designing solutions while adhering to engineering constraints, as well as constructing models to understand laws and theories. Science in our everyday lives will be apparent by each student. Discovery Science will align with the Next Generation Science Standards and encourage students to ignite the wonderment harnessed by each of them.

7th Grade ELA / Social Studies: World Arts 7

World Arts is the integration of Social Studies and Language arts. We will explore reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through the analysis of primary and secondary sources. Much of this work will take place in collaboration with other subject areas, such as math and science, in order to draw in important data and the order of events (chronology). Students will make meaningful connections between their current environment and that of their ancestors, create engaging presentations which focus on historical concepts and apply key literacy skills, critically analyze cultural trends across time, and contribute ideas and products to foster deeper connections with the world and what it means to be a literate, educated, empowered citizen.

7th Grade Elective: Lighthouse 7

Lighthouse is our student leadership elective. Lighthouse helps students to internalize the New Tech Network model and learn the Lobo School of Innovation norms. Lighthouse provides students with a path to help them navigate their world through enlightening, student-driven projects. In Lighthouse, students will build understanding of the LSI way - we will study why, what, and how we learn the way we do.

8th Grade Math (CCSS 8 and CCSS 8/9): Problem-Based Math 8

Students will continue using a Problem Based Learning (PrBL) approach to develop conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and math problem solving skills in applicable, real-life math situations. Students will be applying their knowledge of linear algebra to make predictions within the scenario.

Students in the accelerated class will continue to dive deeper into the math concepts covered in 8th grade math. These students will also take on the challenge of completing the 9th grade common core state standards so they are prepared for 10th grade math upon entering high school.

8th Grade Science: Exploratory Science

After discovering science in seventh grade, students will explore further in eighth grade, while continuing to find science in everyday life. Physics and Genetics will be key topics in eighth grade, while students also approach waves and Astronomy. Exploratory Science will be fully aligned with NGSS, and will integrate both hands-on learning and laboratory skills.

8th Grade ELA / History: US Narrative

Taking a deeper dive into US History and Literature, students will improve their writing and speaking skills, as well as read a broad range of classic and contemporary literature. Literary connections will root student knowledge of and understanding of US History and geography from the 1770s to the early 1900s. Students will use their Agency, Collaboration, Knowledge & Thinking, Written Communication, and Oral Communication to develop their vocabulary and literacy skills in order to be informed, productive members of society. Reading and note-taking skills will support student research and analysis of literature, media, and primary source documents, as well as critical issues related to pivotal events and people of the time period. Lessons and learning experiences will emphasize: problem solving, critical thinking, interpretation, information and media literacy, listening for comprehension/evaluation, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Demonstrations of learning will include written and oral response, public speaking, dramatic presentations, simulations, and creative writing.

8th Grade Elective: Lighthouse 8

In the Lighthouse elective, students hone leadership skills, oral communication skills, and refine agency work while practicing the norms of Lobo School of Innovation. Students practice both mentorship and leadership skills through interactions with incoming LSI students and the community. At the conclusion of the school year, students will present a ‘give-back’ capstone project.

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