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Posted 05/29/2020 09:51AM
Interested in learning about LeyVa? ¿Quieren saber sobre LeyVa?
Posted 05/27/2020 05:04PM
Effective June 1, 2020, District Office - Administration Bldg. will take appointments to accept transfer requests, new student registration, developer fees and other district requests. Read story for more details.
Posted 05/20/2020 02:03PM
Click the link above for details regarding our 6th grade promotion ceremony.
Posted 05/17/2020 11:12AM
Dear Montgomery students and families, I hope you are safe, healthy and happy. We are entering the last four weeks of school which means I will be sharing with you some important reminders/updates for the end of the school year. Please click the link above for more information.
Posted 05/13/2020 04:55PM
Order your 2019-2020 yearbook today! Book Price:$25.00. Click on title above to order.
Posted 05/05/2020 11:03PM
In partnership with Resources for Educators, please click the link above for free tips and guidance to support parents and children at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Posted 05/05/2020 10:55PM
May's Home & School Connection is now available by clicking the link above.
Posted 05/01/2020 09:12PM
Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Please join me in recognizing and celebrating your child's classroom teacher by sending them a personalized message thru your child's Google classroom.
Posted 05/01/2020 06:42PM
Click the link above to learn more about The Vaping Phenomenon: What it is, Why it happened, and What you can do about it.
Posted 05/01/2020 06:29PM
Click the link above to see how you can thank a Montgomery teacher.
Posted 04/28/2020 04:20PM
Your child's teacher will be providing classroom assignments via Google Classroom. Your child can take a photo of their work and attach it to their assignments via the Google Classroom app on your smart device. Click the link above to learn how to install & download Google Classroom App on all devices.
Posted 04/27/2020 11:47AM
Welcome new Chaboya Colts!
Posted 04/24/2020 10:54AM
Your child's teacher will be providing learning materials via Google Classroom. Your child can access their materials by logging into Google Classroom using their district username and password. Click the link above to learn how to join google classroom.
Posted 04/19/2020 11:32AM
Click the link above to watch a short video on why attendance still matters as we move into Distance Learning at Montgomery.
Posted 04/16/2020 09:42AM
Are you having difficulty connecting your school device to your home internet or have other technical difficulties? Click the link above for more information on tech support available.
Posted 04/15/2020 12:12PM
Montgomery Families: As we embark on our official launch of Distance Learning for John J. Montgomery, starting on April 20th until June 12th, click on the link above to view our slide deck to find out more information about how you can prepare. If you have any questions, please reach out to your child's teacher or email Ms. Worthy at Be healthy, happy, and safe.
Posted 04/15/2020 11:41AM
Join our PTA Board for 2020-2021. All positions are open. If you are interested in running for a position, please email Ms. Perla. Click on the link above for their emails and more information.
Posted 04/15/2020 11:34AM
Welcome to John J. Montgomery Elementary School! Click on the link above and read the directions carefully. You will find our registration packets. Email all necessary documents to our school secretary, Patty Maciel, at
Posted 04/15/2020 10:52AM
Let your child help you fill out the Census form and make sure everyone in your household is counted. Explain that the information helps our government make important decisions like how much money schools need based on how many students there are.
Posted 04/15/2020 10:50AM
Now that we spend much of our time at home, it's hard to decide how to fill our days and be active. Creating chalk art on your driveway is not only a fun way to be outdoors, but can also be a source of positivity for our communities! It would be great if you could join others in our Evergreen neighborhood in pouring your creativity, artistry, and empathy into driveway art, from writing positive messages to drawing beautiful images. Post on your social media page and use #EvergreenDriveway.
Posted 04/10/2020 01:40PM
Children can ask up to 300 questions per day! Instead of answering right away, encourage curiosity by asking your child to respond. Questions like "What do you think?" and "How can we find out?" get your youngster thinking and exploring.
Posted 04/01/2020 06:42PM
For families that requested a device for distance learning, please click on the link above for more information. This is based on need and request only.
Posted 04/01/2020 06:30PM
Smoking or vaping make people more vulnerable to contracting respiratory infections because it damages lung tissue. As we know, COVID-19, a respiratory disease in our lungs caused by the coronavirus, currently poses a threat to our health and community. It is important that we do what we can to boost our immune system so that even if we contract the coronavirus, our bodies can fight the virus successfully. Please encourage your loved ones to stay away from smoking or vaping and/or exposing others to second hand smoke/vape aerosol. Here is an optimal opportunity to cut back or quit as we are practicing social distancing and doing our best to stay healthy during this challenging time. Click above for more information.
Posted 04/01/2020 06:11PM
Laughter reduces stress and can even help people stay healthier. Make it a tradition to have a regular family comedy night. You might tell jokes, play charades and act out silly scenarios, or watch a funny movie together.
Posted 04/01/2020 06:05PM
April's Home & School Connection is now available.

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