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PTA Project Cornerstone
Posted 05/03/2018 09:23AM

This month's ABC book: "Thank You, Mr. Falker" by Patricia Polacco is an autobiographical book about a struggling student. At age 5 she goes to school to learn to read. By fifth grade, she still can't read and continues to be bullied by other students. She is a wonderful artist and is encouraged and supported by her family. Finally, when she gets to fifth grade her teacher, Mr. Falker, works with her to discover her unique keys to learning. This is a story about a family's love, a girl's pain and what happens when an adult believes in a child's potential to learn.

Goals of lesson:

* Celebrate student's heroes.

* Recognize teachers as UPstanders and their efforts to create a caring school climate.

* Identify personal strengths to help overcome difficulties.

* Build empathy for students with learning challenges.

* Generate ways to be UPstanders when faced with cyberbullying.

Youth are more likely to grow up healthy when they perceive that adults in the community value youth (Developmental Asset #7). Here are some ways to build this asset:

~ Spend time with young people. (Not just your own child, but all young people.)

~ Listen and take seriously what they have to say.

~ Seek out young people and solicit their feedback.

~ Let them know their presence and participation are appreciated.

Questions to ask your child:

* Overall, do you feel our community values children and young people? Why or why not?

* How do people in the community show they love and appreciate you?

* Which adults help you feel empowered and valuable? Why?

When you "catch" kids OR adults modeling positive behaviors...

Notice, Name it, and Celebrate it!

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