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Lobo School of Innovation is an innovative  project-based learning program and is one of the instructional choices available to Quimby Oak Middle School students.

LSI students share their experiences with project-based learning and how it helps them build collaboration skills, deepens their understanding of subjects they are learning, and gain confidence in presenting their work.

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At Lobo School of Innovation (LSI), we believe that learning is everywhere. We ensure that all students thrive in purposeful, authentic, learning experiences where they apply the knowledge and skills needed to take ownership of their learning legacy.

LSI students are problem solvers and creators. Students learn to collaborate and communicate. Through rigorous, authentic projects, they learn to adapt and engage in the world around them. LSI inspires students to become agents of change. We connect students with their community to solve real-world problems.

  • We create a community that ignites 21st century learning where students collaborate, communicate, analyze, create, and contribute to their greater community.
  • We practice instruction that engages through Project Based Learning.
  • We utilize technology that in a 1:1 environment
  • We inspire a student-centered culture that empowers creating school-wide trust, respect and responsibility.

Lobo School of Innovation is a public middle school in Evergreen School District. We are a school of choice on the Quimby Oak Middle School campus. LSI is partnered with the New Tech Network. NTN schools consistently outperform national comparison groups on measures of higher order thinking skills, high school graduation rates and college enrollment rates:

LSI Critical Thinking Statistic 65%

Students grow 65% more in higher order thinking skills between freshman and senior years than comparison group

LSI College Graduation Statistic 9%

Graduate at a rate 9% greater than the national average

LSI College Enroll Statistic 9%

Enroll in college at a rate 9% greater than the national average

LSI College Persistent Statistic 92%

Persist in 4-year colleges at a rate of 92% and in 2-year colleges at a rate of 74%


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